Mobile patient lifts for hospitals

​In hospitals the Mobile Patient Bath Lifts are indispensable tools that help nurses and caretakers to move, assist and, of course, lift patients. The main purpose is to both ensure the safety of patients as well as lower the risks of back problems and damage to nurses and caretakers as they assist patients unable to move much on their own. Mobile patient lifts aren't only for transporting patients however, as there are ones that are used to help with bathing and cleaning the patient while maintaining safe patient handling. Essentially every hospital has these, though where they are acquired from and how they are designed varies greatly and are usually bought directly from manufacturers whom specialize in creating equipment and tools for hospitals. Among these manufacturers there's one called TR Equipment whom make and sell exclusively Patient Hygiene equipment.

TR Equipment products

TR Equipment make, other than mobile patient lifts, things like shower trolleys, shower chairs and bathtubs where the latter are made specially to help take care of burn victims. With a focus on safety, functionality and simplicity at a low cost they deliver patient hygiene products to hospitals and homes for elderly all around the world. Obviously their mobile patient lifts are designed and made to help with cleaning patients too. Naturally they don't sell any of their products to regular folks and thus only hospitals and certain homes can purchase the things they offer. Either way they're a good choice for hospitals since what they offer is well suited and durable for their needs.​​​